Surgical Procedures Pre-Op Instructions


Please Keep This Form for Your Use & Reference

1. Do NOT eat or drink anything after midnight, unless instructed by Physician otherwise.

2. Do NOT chew gum, eat hard candy or smoke the morning of surgery.

3. As a General Rule, always follow your Physicians Instructions first.

4. If you normally take heart or blood pressure medicine in the morning, TAKE them with a sip of water the day of your procedure. Do not take your insulin or oral medication the morning of surgery if you are diabetic, unless otherwise instructed by your physician.

5. Stop taking aspirin and all anti-inflammatory products, all herbal supplements and high doses of Vitamin E least 2 weeks prior to surgery. For use of any other blood thinners, consult your surgeon.

6. Do NOT take diuretics that cause you to go to the bathroom frequently.

7. If your physical condition changes (cold or fever, for example), notify your surgeon immediately.

8. You may shower, shampoo your hair and brush your teeth. Please do not wear cosmetics, eye make-up, lotions, fragrances, jewelry or valuables of any type. Please leave your valuables at home and remove any and all body piercings prior to your arrival at our facility. Bring only your insurance card and your photo ID. Dentures, hearing aids, contact lenses, and glasses cannot be worn during your procedure so please bring protective cases/solution for proper storage.

9. It is imperative that you have a ride home and someone stay with you for 24 hours following your procedure. You may not go home in a cab or on public transportation. Please plan on having your driver remain with you for the entire procedure if at all possible. Some physicians may not perform your procedure if you do not have a responsible adult present for the procedure due to possible legal issues. It is illegal for you to drive after sedation.

10. Bring anything you may need for your surgery: CPAP, eye kits. Etc. If you have someone to be responsible for your items during your procedure, you may bring personal items to help occupy you during your waiting time.

11. Please bring a complete list of your current medications, including supplements. Donít forget to list your allergies. If you use an inhaler, please bring it with you.

12. Please arrive at our Center 1 hour prior to your SCHEDULED procedure time, unless your physician has instructed you otherwise. Some physicians prefer patients to arrive 2 hours prior to their scheduled procedure in case surgery cases are moving faster than anticipated. Bring any papers you may have received from your Doctor's office, your Informed Consent, copies of Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, Advanced Directives (if needed for medical treatment of the patient), your insurance card, and a photo ID. If you have reading glasses, bring them with you.

13. The surgery schedule can have changes in start times up to the afternoon prior to your surgery. It is imperative that you give us a phone number where you can be reached the afternoon before your surgery. Please check your messages the evening before your surgery for any changes to your arrival time. Please rely on the time that the preop screening nurse gave for your arrival; schedules may change from what you were told when your surgery was initially scheduled.